Why Haven't I Received any Earnings from Ads?


In order to receive earnings from ads, a few conditions need to be fulfilled.

Did you see ads in WowApp on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet?

We offer ads for any Android or iOS smartphone or table.

The ads appear in the form of banners, as you can see the images below.

If you and your Level 1 Connections (meaning the new people you've invited to join WowApp directly) are using solely WowApp for desktop, then you will not earn WowCoins from Advertise Me.

The banners that appear on desktop are WowApp tutorials and don't generate any revenue.

I saw ads on my mobile device and I still haven't received earnings!

The WowCoins generated by ads show up on your account once every 24 hours. If it's been less than 24 hours since you created your account or saw your first ad, please wait a little longer to receive your earnings.

I don't see ads on my smartphone or tablet!

In order to see ads on your mobile device, the Advertise Me option needs to be turned on.

Normally, Ad Me is turned on by default on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. To check if the option is turned on, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open WowApp on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the dashboard.
  3. Tap on Advertise Me
  4. Make sure it's turned to ON.

Why have my Ad Me earnings decreased?

With WowApp you earn WowCoins for the ads you and the people in your network see. If your network stops using WowApp and thus, don't see ads in the app, your earnings will decrease as well!

Do I have to click on the banners to earn WowCoins?

No! You don't have to tap on the banners! You receive WowCoins just for seeing ads in the app.

I meet all the above criteria but I still haven't received any ads!

If you're certain you have Ad Me ON, you've waited 24 hours since you've seen the first ad and you still haven't received any earnings, please send us an email to support@wowapp.com with detailed information about your issue and we'll investigate the problem!



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