Why Haven't I Received any Earnings?


In order to receive earnings, you need to use the app by engaging in one or more of these activities that you were before doing for free: chat with friends, play games, shop online, open your phone and much more.

I used the app and I still haven't received earnings!

The WowCoins generated by using the app show up in your account once every 24 hours. If it's been less than 24 hours since you created your account or since you’ve first used the app, please wait a little longer to receive your earnings.

Why have my earnings decreased?

In WowApp, earnings are shared with the network, so if your network stops using WowApp, your earnings will decrease as well!

I meet all the above criteria but I still haven't received any ads!

If you're certain used the app, you've waited 24 hours since you've first used it and you still haven't received any earnings, please send us an email to support@wowapp.com with detailed information about your issue and we'll investigate the problem!

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