What is Auto-Recharge?


Auto-recharge is a feature that adds credit to your WowApp balance if it falls under $2,00.

Your balance will automatically be recharged with the same amount of money you last purchased using the same payment method you set up on your WowApp account. Therefore, if you used your credit card to buy $10,00 worth of WowCoins and decide to enable the Auto-recharge feature, next time your balance is low your credit card will be charged with $10,00.

Auto-recharge only works with credit card payments, Skrill or PayPal – this option will be displayed when you choose your preferred payment method.

As soon as you sign up for Auto-recharge, you will be able to easily manage your settings by going to Account -> Billing -> Auto-Recharge. You will not have to agree to a contract, therefore you may cancel the feature whenever you wish.

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