How to Use a Webcam with WowApp? (Windows)


Having a webcam connected to your PC will allow you to make video calls via WowApp.

To install a new webcam, follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect it to your PC.

Your computer will automatically install the webcam's software (or you may have to manually install the webcam via a manufacturer provided disc).

When the software finished installing, open WowApp and check if the webcam is working properly by clicking on Tools -> Settings -> Video.

Do you see yourself in the video? If yes, then it's all set!

  1. If not, take a look at Select camera and see if your webcam is detected.
  2. Until your camera is detected by WowApp, you won't be able to use our application for video-calling. So let's close all the applications that may be using your webcam (for example, virtual camera or video editing software, browsers or other instant messengers). 
  3. Is your camera not integrated to your computer? If it isn't, then unplug it and then plug it to another USB slot. Also, unplug any device that is sharing the same USB slot that your camera uses. 
  4. After following all these steps, check again to see if WowApp detects your webcam. 
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