When will I receive my Earnings from Instant Earn?


Your activity in Instant Earn is credited to your WowApp account shortly after.

If you did not receive the WowCoins although the task has been completed, please check the support sections for each provider, as it follows:

  • Fyber – please use the “⏳ Status” button
  • For Peanut Labs offers or surveys – please use the button
  • For Appzilo tasks - please check first the History (🕓) section. If the offer is still Pending, please wait for it to be rewarded. For other situations, you can contact their support team by using the 💬 icon

These support sections are located on the lower side sections mentioned earlier.

Here you will be able to verify the status of the completed offers and you’ll be able to contact our partners’ support representatives to check out your claim and receive the respective earnings, if all the conditions have been met.

Please note that all the providers from Instant Earn section are 3rd party providers, with sole responsibility for validating and crediting the WowCoins to WowApp and to our users.

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