Why did I not receive the money I cashed out?


Please check the transaction duration for the cash out method you chose. If you haven’t received the money within that time period, please take into consideration and check the following:

PayPal: please check the validity of the PayPal address from the confirmation email and make sure to claim the amount sent by us.

Credit/Debit Card: your card issuer/your bank does not allow payments to be received, therefore the transaction is rejected instantly and you are notified via email by us. Some transactions get rejected by the system with a delay, and in that case, we will return your WowCoins to your WowApp account as soon as we are notified by our money transfer partners.

Bank Account: The information provided by you in the form was incomplete and a WowApp representative tried to contact you unsuccessfully. In this case, we will return your WowCoins in your WowApp and we kindly ask you to verify your Bank Account information and submit another request.

Also, always please double check your PayPal or Bank account for the amount you have requested and/or the equivalent value in your currency.

Ultimately, please note that any time we are unable to send you the requested cash out amount, you’ll always welcome to try again. We’ll always do our best to assist you and succeed in cashing out your rightful earnings.

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