What is considered Abuse?


We take the issue of abusive behavior very seriously. The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would be considered abusive and that may lead to the deletion of your account:

  1. Using the personal page to promote any other products or services;
  2. Using inappropriate text such as swear words, derogatory text against a person, organization, ethnic, gender on wowapp.com and its subsidiaries;
  3. Uploading pornography or any other inappropriate videos to your personal page;
  4. Modifying the personal page outside of the scope of normal use. This includes but not limited to changing the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files;
  5. Creating other websites that can give the impression that they are associated with wowapp.com or its subsidiaries. This includes domain names that closely resemble wowapp.com;
  6. Adding users as your friends and making inappropriate comments towards them;
  7. Adding users and promoting different products and services to them;
  8. Using Google AdWords or similar to appear in paid searches impersonating wowapp.com;
  9. Using stolen credit cards to purchase WowApp credit;
  10. Call Premium destinations and receive kick-backs from respective companies which normally either own or are associated with;
  11. Call various destinations and increase their Earning levels and cash-out;
  12. Use of mobile phone emulators;
  13. Use of virtual numbers or other methods to validate phone numbers;
  14. Credit card frauds;
  15. Paid Advertising on search engines of WowApp domain, or of any YouWowMe proprietary information.
  16. Creation of usernames that use the words “WowApp” or derivate, offensive and discriminatory words or words that suggest the idea of registration into the application (e.g.: “register”, “log-in” etc.).
  17. Advertising tasks on freelancing websites or using such websites by hiring others in order to grow your network;
  18. Paying other people in order to grow or join your network.

You can read more about the abusive use of our services and the rules of conduct by visiting our Terms and Conditions page.

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